The East Kent Hunt with West Street is a recognised Hunt and belongs to the Masters of Foxhounds Association, the organisation that governs and administersand regulates hunting within the UK. .

The Masters and Hunt Staff will arrange hunting within the law so trails are laid and photographed or filmed each day.

Hunting takes place between September and March with Autumn Hunting running from early September to the end of October. Our Opening Meet is usually the first Saturday in November and the season carries through to the end of March.

It is impossible to hunt without the permission of landowners, farmers, keepers, shoot captains, the MOD and Forestry Commission. We are immensely grateful to our wonderful landowneres and farmers who welcome us onto their land.

Hunting is a great way to explore the countryside. We often cross land that is not open to the public and much of our country is classified as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have a varied terrain, from woodlands to marshlands, with jumping on occasions, but for those who prefer not to follow the most direct line, there are always experienced non-jumping members of the field who know alternative routes.

Our aim is to keep safe, have fun and enjoy watching hounds work while always staying within the law.

What's New?

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  • A lifelong collection of hunting whips is being sold by a friend of Jenny Ashby MFH.
  • 15hh PC/Hunter

Photographs and contact details are on our For Sale and Wanted page

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About Us and Contact: find out what we do and who to contact.
Come Hunting to learn how to join us and what you need to do and wear when you come hunting mounted or on foot.
Calendar lists social and other events organised by the Hunt or The Supporters' Club
News has the latest about our activities,campaigning, our members and supporters
Reports of meets and other events (often with photographs)
Fallen Stock - details of the service that we provide to farmers and horse-owners
For Sale and Wanted - hunt merchandise, "small ads" and sponsors/supporters "business cards."






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