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There has been fox-hunting with hounds in East Kent for more than 200 years.

Since February 18th 2005, when The Hunting Act (2004) came into force, we have hunted within that law by laying trails for the hounds to follow. Trail-laying is filmed each day. We have not, however, converted to a drag pack and are committed to working for the repeal of the Hunting Act and the restoration of fox-hunting with hounds.

It is very important for those joining us to understand that by doing so they are signing up to an organisation that believes, absolutely that hunting with hounds is the most humane and natural way of managing the fox population in our country. SInce the Act came into force there has been an increase in legal but unselective methods of fox-control that can lead to wounding and a long, lingering death for the fox.

Our Country

The country includes all of Kent east of a line that runs more or less from Whitstable to Canterbury, then Ashford and down to New Romney.

The season begins with Autumn Trail Hunting in September when we meet up to three days each week. At this time we meet meet early or late in the day when the temperature is lower thus keeping the scent of the trails low. To hunt at warmer times of day woold cause the scent to rise above the hounds. Our Opening Meet is usually the closest Saturday to the start of November and then we meet twice a week until mid March.

Our History

To mark the 200th year of the East Kent Foxhounds in 2014 a history was published - for details please e-mail.

Who's who?


The East Kent Hunt with West Street has four Joint Masters:

Mrs I de V. Gibson
Ms J M L Ashby
Mr J V Sheehan
Mrs C S Neame

Hunt Staff



E-mail us at
If you know who you would like to contact please use a subject line such as:

"For the attention of the Hon Sec EKHwWS"
"For the attention of The Masters EKHwWS"

For the Supporters' Club please use the same e-mail address but add "Supporters" to the subject line.






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