Come and join us

We are a friendly pack and always pleased to welcome newcomers who share our commitment to the repeal of the Hunting Act.

Following hounds attracts people from every walk of life and is probably one of the most inclusive of pastimes - despite what our detractors say we are not "toffs" or "snobs". There are few other ways of spending a day in the wonderful Kentish countryside and not know whether you are chatting to a cleaner, a teacher, a Lord, a doctor or a woodsman.

We do insist that once you join as a supporter or subscriber you are also a member of The Countryside Alliance.

What do I need?

The first thing to remember is that more people follow on foot than on horse-back so a horse is not essential!

If you are a rider without a horse we have some excellent hirelings available in the country and will be happy to put you in touch with Hilary who is our main provider.

The box on the right has links to guides for Foot-followers, riders and the general etiquette of hunting.

So you would like to join us

If you would like to come out with us please e-mail with your names and telephone number and one of the Masters or Officers will be in touch.

Guides to Hunting

These open in new tabs or windows and are in PDF format.

  • A Guide for Foot-followers HERE
  • An Introduction HERE

Once you have read these guides you will understand that the etiquette and dress of hunting has a foundation in practicality.


Details of subscription rates for mounted and foot followers as well as caps for visitors may be seen HERE - again a PDF file.

The East Kent Hunt with West Street Supporters' Club was established to organise and run social and fund-raising events. Membership is inexpensive - please contact us for details.






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