Fallen Stock

The East Kent with West Street Hunt provides a fallen stock service to all farmers, landowners and horse owners in our hunt country which covers East Kent from Ashford to Canterbury to Dover and the surrounding areas. The main point of contact is our Kennelman.

We can collect any live or dead bovine under 48 months of age, sheep and other farm animals. Delivery to our Kennels in Cullens Hill, Elham, CT4 6UJ is also accepted by prior notification.

We also provide a discreet, professional and humane end of life service for horses and donkeys. This is a hard decision which has to be made for equine friends but we ensure a quick and painless end carried out by our very professional and experienced staff.

Our specially adapted vehicle ensures that fallen stock can be removed with a minimum of fuss.


If you require any further information and prices on our fallen stock service please do not hesitate to contact us on:

O13O3 84O236
O77O3 565332.






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